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Absenteeism monitoring software

Software: get a firm hold on absenteeism

Why is it that, in some organisations, absenteeism is something that is barely ever addressed? This is because the problem is often difficult to spot and act upon. Absenteeism monitoring software such as the TeamFlows absenteeism management module will support your managers in monitoring absentee meetings, while also providing all the necessary figures and insights.

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The benefits of using absenteeism monitoring software within your organisation

Working together using one tool

All stakeholders within your organisation – from management to HR and executives – all operate using the same application. This enables everyone to have a clear overview of absenteeism procedures and figures, while also keeping absence-related information stored within the same system.

Simple digital processes

Employees are required to submit digital medical certificates, receiving automatic reminders should they forget to do so. Managers are automatically notified of any absences and guided through conducting any subsequent absentee meetings.

Manager support

Tips, checklists and letter templates are there to help managers initiate dialogues with employees and record their actions correctly, receiving automatic notifications when any action is required.

Real-time reporting

Within the TeamFlows absenteeism management module, you will always find the latest information. This allows you to keep track of ‘classic’ absentee figures, while also keeping an eye over your managers’ performance and their application of absenteeism procedures.

Linked personnel information

Thanks to a standard data exchange with your social secretariat or timekeeping system, you are always able to work with up-to-date personnel information within the TeamFlows absenteeism management module. No hassle, no mistakes.

We implement the TeamFlows absenteeism management module within your organisation in collaboration with our partner Otherside@Work, a Dutch software company with considerable expertise in providing HR and absenteeism-related support.

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