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A project plan for a tailor-made absence policy

Your project plan for a tailor-made absence policy

Creating an absence policy that will garner widespread support is a process that cannot be accomplished overnight. That is why we will work together with you to draw up a project plan that is customised to your organisation. This plan will help you to take the right steps towards a sustainable positive absence policy.

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How do we draw up a project plan?

1. Intake
We start by asking in-depth questions. What absenteeism rates are you tracking? What absence actions are you already taking? What are your expectations? The responses to these questions will provide us with a clear understanding of your organisation's current situation.

2. GAP analysis
During the intake interview, we explore the steps your organisation still has to take in order to transition from its current approach to absenteeism to a well-defined absenteeism policy. We use a GAP analysis to establish your organisation's priorities.

3. ROI calculation
Let's be realistic: for your management, absenteeism is also a financial concern. That's why we calculate an absence policy’s return on investment for your organisation. Although establishing an absenteeism policy incurs costs, it more than pays for itself in the long term.

4. Developing the project plan
Enough research has been done – it’s time to develop your project plan. Each plan consists of five steps, ranging from analysis to follow-up. We tailor the plan to your specific challenges and goals, and provide you with a presentation for presenting it to your management.

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Want to get started on your project plan right away?

No problem! Using our template, you will swiftly grasp the five essential steps involved in creating such a plan, and learn how to customize the project plan to align with the unique needs of your organization.

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