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Follow an inspiration session on absenteeism

Would you like to get started on your absence policy right away? Draw up a personalised project plan or attend a targeted training course.

Or would you rather start off with something more low-key? In that case, you could attend a free online inspiration session (in Dutch or in French) or book absenteeism expert Bart Teuwen to give a lecture at your company event.

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Absenteeism expert Bart Teuwen

Book a session with absenteeism expert Bart Teuwen

Before Bart Teuwen became Managing Director of Certimed, he had worked as a company doctor in the Netherlands for 14 years. During this time, he accrued a great deal of management experience in the healthcare sector. In 2022, Bart bundled this expertise in his book, ‘Verzuim. Maak er werk van!’ (available at, and

Bart is passionate about sharing his perspectives on absenteeism. He has previously spoken at events organized by Voka, Htag, and other organizations. Do you also see Bart as the perfect speaker for your corporate event? Then don't hesitate and allow Bart to inspire you.

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