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Uniting as a team to combat absenteeism

Uniting as a team to combat absenteeism

In many organisations, absenteeism is soaring to unprecedented levels. This is unfortunate, as a team can only thrive if all its members are present. The way to remedy this problem is to... work together as a team on a strong absence policy Because the only way an organisation can get a grip on absenteeism is if employers, HR, employees and managers all work together.

Here’s how we support you with your absence policy

As Belgium's largest External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work, we help you with your absence policy in 4 different ways.

1. Tailor-made project plan

Developing an effective absence policy is no easy task. Our project plan is a roadmap that we map out together, tailored specifically to your organisation. This plan will help you to take the next steps and select the most suitable actions to establish a policy that will be widely supported.

This is how we create your project plan

2. Training courses about absenteeism

We organise training courses where absenteeism experts give you top tips and effective insights on topics such as interview techniques, absenteeism figures and legislation. This knowledge is indispensable for a strong absence policy.

View all our training courses
Training courses about absenteeism

3. Inspiration sessions

If you are looking for an accessible introduction to the basics of absenteeism, try one of our free online inspiration sessions or book absenteeism expert Bart Teuwen to give a lecture at your company event.

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4. Absenteeism software

The TeamFlows module absence management provides figures and insights into absence within your organisation and simplifies your administration. These matters are crucial for an efficient policy.

Discover our absence software
Absenteeism software

How other organisations have shaped their absence policies

IN-Z: communication is central to our absence plan

Social services provider IN-Z followed a full absenteeism pathway to tackle their high rates of absenteeism. Communication played a pivotal role in this process.

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Kruidvat: how coaching helped to achieve a sustainable absence policy

Absenteeism coach Dana worked with Kruidvat district manager Ann and two branch managers on their biggest challenge: strengthening the dialogue between branch managers and employees.

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These clients also shaped their absence policy together with Mensura

These clients shaped their absence policy together with Mensura

Start your project plan immediately

Are you interested in discovering what steps you can take to develop a robust absence policy specifically tailored to your organisation? No problem! Download the fill-in template for your own project plan and get started right away.

Download your template here

Our absenteeism experts

There is one shared element across all our solutions for your absence policy: you will always be assisted by real experts. Meet our absenteeism specialists now and inquire about any questions you may have.